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Flatrate app is a new generation app which boosts business strategy as well as keeps consumer attraction in the business place. In order to use flatrate app consumer has to download app from Google play store or Apple app store and need to register as a new user.

How it works

At the beginning, each flat-rate customer need to visit the flate-rate store to buy products. Next, the customer will get a long coupon number along with the total price of the product.
Some of the lucky coupon numbers are included with the euro voucher.

Within the applications section (number search), the customer can verify a valid coupon number.If a customer is lucky enough to get a coupon with euros, then the euro will be attached to the user profile section. This euro voucher can only be used in the flatrate store.This mobile app will bring more customers in business, on the other hand, customers can get extra money as a business bonus. Both sides are winners.

Key Information
DI Md Sarwar Zahan
Project owner
May 2016
Last Update
October 2016
Used Tools
Android Studio 2.2, Xcode 8
(iOS & Android)
Java, AngularJs, php(backend), Mysql