Program language of the year. Python ranking is increasing.

Program language of the year. Python ranking is increasing.

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Python consolidated its position among the three most popular programming languages after seeing the biggest increase in any language in the Tiobe’s search engine rankings.

Python gained 3.62 percent per year in January Tiobe Index, beat Visual Basic.NET and Java, the second and third largest winners. Python was created in 1989 by a Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum, who released his role in July as Python’s “Fellow of the Life-Dictator”.

In September, Python is ranked first by Tiobe’s popularity index, thanks to its use. As Tiobe notes, he is studying the first language of learning in universities and is the language of statistical analysis, mechanics, scripting, web-programming and scientific systems.

This is also the most popular language hackers thanks to its easy-to-understand syntax, extensive access to online lessons and a large number of harmless third-party software libraries that can be used for harmful use.

Developers in Python-2 projects should note that Python’s developers said that this speech would end on January 1, 2020. The change requires all projects to be moved to Python 3, which will be the only version available for free and official support.

Tiobe index and other IEEE spectrum and PYPL popularity ratings allow programmers to evaluate which languages ​​are worth the investment time. ZDNet’s David Gevrtzys wrote a highly informative article about how the developers could use a wide variety of indexes and sources of the rating rather than popularity ratings.