How in real time Node.js can serve massive users?

How in real time Node.js can serve massive users?

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Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is easy. It is a fast and modern way to run the code on your computer. To enjoy the fast and scalable network application, this boot environment on the open source server page was created in the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine.

Creator Node.js: Ryan Dahl has endeavored to create web pages in real time with insertion capabilities. He was inspired by both Gmail and applications.

Node.js as web applications in real time.
Node.js stands out in real-time web applications that download push-through technology through a web-based socket. There are web applications with real-time and bidirectional connections. In it, the client and the server can initiate communication and exchange data freely. This happened after more than 20 years of the existence of a stateless website, based on the paradigm of the request-response without citizenship. It is based on a web stack (HTML, CSS and JS) that runs through the standard 80 port.

The Node.js technology has applications in real time with intensive U / I that requires speed and scalability.

The platforms on which the speed is all are social networks, live chat, forums, game applications, ad servers or stock market software. For IoT devices and intensive data applications in real time; Node.js is considered the technology of choice because it is fast and scalable.

Examples of real-time applications are: video conferencing applications, voice over the Internet, online games, community storage solutions, e-commerce transactions such as stock exchange services, chat applications, instant messages such as VhatsApp.