Why AngularJS is using for modern web applications?

Why AngularJS is using for modern web applications?

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AngularJS framework is open source JavaScript developed by Google. It is designed to create dynamic web applications. The main objective is a simple structure and JavaScript code.
It was designed to build a one-page web app in the first place. So, AngularJS allows developers to advance HTML functionality by creating new constructs with use of its directives. It allows to abstract DOM manipulations to make them more stable and easy. As a result, simple elements may be bound straight to HTML. A clear example of it is two-way binding.

Angular about 2.0?
In most cases, when a new product version is associated, the main one is not quickly relevant. However, in areas of development, things do not work that way. The Angle 2.0 has similar goals as well as AngularJS, but at the same time it is a complete new frame amount in its core basis. His logic and methods are very different. Frankly, it’s close to the updated update.

Angle 2.0 brings application developers new features into changing the old ones.

The components come to replace the Age Range and controllers. It’s like template directives.
The hierarchical injection add-on system offers a huge increase in performance.
The form of your creative directives is simplified.
It is compatible with the latest JavaScript standards (ES6).
All the advantages of the machine’s copy are available.
More mobile-oriented. Representation on the server side.
It’s less 20kb.
Angular 2.0 The components of the router are loaded only when it is really needed. Therefore, it is faster.
And there’s much more to talk about Angle 2.0. So much, which requires its own common article.

However, people do not leave AngularJS to move to angular 2.0 and have no place for conservatism or something like that. Things are in a more pragmatic and simpler way